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Sri Lanka Black Tea

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

$6 4oz

Bright, crisp floral notes with a thick smooth finish; Walter’s Bay Maliboda Tea Garden

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The long-awaited return of Ceylon Orange Pekoe has come to an end! Hail the bright, brisk cup a premium Ceylon can produce; complete with crisp floral notes that linger in the thick smooth finish. Don’t just take our word for its excellence—this tea has placed high at the North American Tea Championship multiple times. Walter’s Bay Ceylon Orange Pekoe is grown, hand plucked, and processed on the Maliboda Tea Estate. Located 750 feet above sea level, the Maliboda Estate sits in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka, nestled against the southwestern slopes of the peak wilderness. This wilderness is home to seven waterfalls known as the Hathella as well as an elusive herd of Dwarf elephants which live in the forest bordering the northeast portion of the estate. Steady rainfall and fertile soil make this part of Sri Lanka an ideal location for growing tea. The company prides itself on its social sustainable practices including: subsidized housing, free health care and hospitals and clinics, mandatory schooling and daycare centers, and retirement, banking and savings plans for workers and their families. They also demonstrate their commitment to environmentally responsible stewardship throughout the estate with innovations such as: the use of rain water irrigation, trees are planted around the tea bushes so that birds will eat any insects, and grass is planted that omits an odor that pests despise. We’ve established a direct trade with Walter’s Bay meaning there are no middle parties between the grower and ourselves.

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