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India Black Tea Fancy

Fancy Darjeeling

$10 4oz

The champagne of teas; rich amber color, with a sweet, flowery bouquet

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Darjeeling is a perfect starting point on your journey through our black teas. Tea cultivated in this region high in the Himalaya Mountains of West Bengal, India produces a flavor so unique that it is regarded by many as one of the finest teas grown. The cool moist climate at altitudes up to 6,500 feet provides optimal growing conditions. At each flush, the tea is sorted, graded and sold according to leaf size and quality. Often called the “Queen of Indian Teas” our Fancy Darjeeling yields a refined, sophisticated cup with a coppery-red liquor. The tea leaves have an almost a purplish hue, rendering the famous brisk “Muscatel” flavor Darjeeling is known for, rounded out with delicate floral and fruit flavors.

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