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China Black Tea Fancy

Yunnan Fancy

$6 4oz

A floral and woodsy aroma with subtle sweet and spicy flavors.

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Yunnan Fancy is our newest tea offering. This Flowery Orange Pekoe grade black tea from China is distinctly different from our other black teas. The long delicately twisted leaves, some with blonde tips, have a toasty, floral, and woodsy aroma. The full-bodied cup takes the color of burgundy with a rich, earthy note of malt and honey. True to its roots, Yunnan Fancy exemplifies the qualities that give this tea growing region notoriety. China’s Yunnan province, bordering Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar is regarded as the birthplace of the tea plant. Some of the finest grades of tea emerge from this province. Our Yunnan Fancy is made from an ancient broad-leafed variety of the tea plant known as Dayeh, which only grows in the Yunnan province. With its clear and distinctive flavor profile, the tea is great to enjoy both hot and chilled.

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