“I let my coffee do my talking for me.”

Alfred Peet


The story behind a traditional coffee bean store.

Jamie Anderson learned the basics of roasting coffee from the venerable Alfred Peet of Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Berkeley, California. “Peet was the god-father of good coffee in this country,” says Jamie. But apprenticing under Mr. Peet was just the beginning. “There’s a lot of creativity in roasting and blending coffee. Nobody does it exactly the same.”

In 1972 Jamie Anderson opened the doors to Anderson’s Coffee Company, a traditional coffee bean store tucked away on a narrow, quaint, side street in the middle of Austin. Decades later, Texans cannot imagine Austin without Anderson’s coffee.

And it’s not just a local love affair. Since word of mouth praise is still the best advertising, today coffee drinkers all over the country order their beans from Anderson’s, coast to coast Out of town and out of state orders are taken every day at the store in Jefferson Square.

Meet Ray Habit; the man behind the scenes.

For over 35 years, Ray has been at the helm of the roaster with Jamie Anderson in Manor, TX.. Ray is the lifeblood of the roasting operation, moving and expertly roasting several tons of coffee every week.


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