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Sulawesi Toraja $14 /lb.

Sulawesi is a good choice for customers who want to enjoy a distinct taste away from the flavors of Central and South America. This origin is often referred to as the jewel of Indonesian coffee. Grown at altitudes up to 6200 feet, the cup is characterized by a velvety smooth, full body with low acidity and a slightly sweet woody taste. The complex geography of the starfish shaped island includes thousand-foot rock walls climbing vertically out of rice paddy fields and capped in perpetual mist. The indigenous Toraja people grow the coffee on  small plots of land in the mountainous region of South Sulawesi. Typica and Catimor trees grow in volcanic loam and the beans are wet-hulled and dried in the sun. The 23 family-owned farms are organized around the Toraja Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative, which is dedicated to educating farmers with better agricultural practices for quality coffee production and improving coffee farm infrastructure.

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