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Sumatra Fair Trade $12.95/lb.

Our new arrival of Fair Trade Organic Sumatra coffee is deep, round and smooth finishing in the cup. The flavors are velvety and rich with hints of semi-sweet chocolate, floral, earthy tones. The coffee’s low acidity results in truly balanced delightful cup.

The Fair Trade Organic coffee is grown in the northern most part of the island of Sumatra in volcanic soil 4,000 – 5,500 feet in elevation. Farmers organized under the Sara Ate Co-op members grow their beans on small plot family owned farms around the remote villages of the Takengon Highlands. They are focused on improving health and education opportunities for their families as well as increasing farm productivity and coffee quality.

Sumatran coffee’s unique flavor stems from the process after ripe cherries are harvested. Growers utilize an age-old drying practice, known as “wet-hulling.” The fruit and the protective parchment are removed before it is spread out to dry in the tropical sun. Intermediate torrential thunder showers cause a slow drying process that in large part provides the essence of a Sumatra coffee, both in flavor and its appearance, a deep green, bluish hue before the coffee is roasted.

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