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Sumatra Fair Trade $12.95 /lb

A new arrival from Sumatra, our Fair Trade Organic coffee is a very flavorful cup. Deep and rich bittersweet chocolate flavors dominate; with hints of earthy, spicy notes to accentuate the cup. A very balanced brew with a smooth finish. This coffee is tasty brewed hot and is a perfect option for a cold drink this summer. The coffee is roasted to our full-city medium roast mark; also available with a touch more roast as our Dark Sumatra offering.

Our Fair Trade Organic coffee hails from what locals refer to as Gayo land. Located in the Gayo highlands of the Aceh province of Sumatra, many of the farmers are from the Gayonese ethnic group. There, the family-owned Gayo Mandiri Coffee export company has provided an infrastructure for quality coffee production. Family owned small-plot farms average 2.5 acres in size. Farmers utilize the export company to mill their harvested coffee cherries as well as collaborate with other farmers to access international coffee markets.

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