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Tanzania Edelweiss $12.95 /lb.

We have sourced an outstanding coffee from Tanzania. A perfect marriage between body and acidity, this Tanzania brews a well-balanced cup. Soft deep flavors lead into a bright, crisp finish. Try a fresh roast today!

From the family owned Edelweiss Estate in Oldeani, Tanzania, more than 50 full time employees cultivate Blue Mountain and Bourbon coffee varietals interspersed with macadamia trees that provide shade and income diversity. The coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and is perched on the slopes of the Ngorogoro Cladera, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a protected wildlife refuge for the endangered black rhino. The 600-acre estate has been in the Vohora family since the end of World War II and recently the family has made several renovations and improvements from water management to mill innovations and quality control from picking to export.

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