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Top Ranked Coffees from Narino, Colombia

On one hectare (2.47 acres) of land, Enrique Diaz cultivates some of the top coffee beans found in Nariño Colombia.  He calls his spread Finca San Francisco. In the cup a rich concentration of flavors makes for a very satisfying taste experience.  Perched over 8,000 feet up in the Andes the most efficient way to tend to his 5,000 coffee trees is from the back of a mule. Señor Diaz had a good year.  His crop placed fourth out of the final top three hundred coffees of Nariño.

Outside the mountainous region of Buesaco, some 40,000 family owned coffee farms, two-thirds of which, average around 3 acres in size, riddle the sides of profoundly deep canyons and valleys.  Intense high altitude sun during the day, crisp evenings, and a blanket of warm air rising up the deep canyons at night provide extended flowering and long periods of sugar concentration in the coffee cherries while they mature.

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