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Kabamaru (Round Hippo) is a character created by Japanese artist Hajime Okamoto. Kabamaru and his pals get into all kinds of mischief. Furoshiki are square pieces of cloth used in Japan to wrap items and carry them. They are perfect as reusable gift wrapping or to carry in your bag to use as a quick diy tote bag when you go shopping. They are so pretty, you can just wear then around your neck or in your hair when you’re not using them!

Okamoto is famous for his drawings of six different cats, the most memorable of which is Kabamaru,who is always drawn as the largest cat in all of his multi-cat paintings. Kabamaru is the leader of the group, looking out for his friends. Kaba in Japanese means “hippo” and maru means “round.” He’s named that because he’s a bit of a slowpoke. Kabamaru made his debut in 1998 and a picture book about him was published in 2003.

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